About us

At Barney, we are always prepared to make you stand out and give sense to your brand in a world full of nonsense. Through well-thought actions and activities, as well as strategies and communication, we lead people to love your brand.

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Barney adds value to brands, thus allowing them to generate more money to fulfill their mission: to bring extraordinary products or services to the people. We are committed to create meaningful branding and communication.


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We are more about sustainable quality rather than being Speedy Gonzales. Even though we are fast & effective, we always stay true to our 5-point quality control.

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We will be happy to become acquaintances or friends with you. Agencies and brand builders need to be kept close to your company in order to create value.

We value your time. We never take more work than we can fulfill, therefore we are always on time meeting deadlines we set in the beginning.

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Awards & recognitions

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Meet our team

Dennis Fino

Managing Director & Co-Founder

When someone says “business”, Dennis is here to hear. Business development & scale, and creative strategies, as well as team management are strong parts of his life. Dennis holds engineering degree from Economics and had been involved in more than 100 hours of intensive personal and business coaching. Barney is one of his successful projects, he co-founded it and is its leader to this date.

Simona Babiarova 1

Client Service Director & Co-Founder

Simona is the heart of the studio. Her sensitive approach to both clients and studio members ensures the smooth running of meetings, briefings and the transfer of tasks. She has a knack for detail, she’s empathetic and she understands the needs of the client. Simona takes care of relationships to maintain its positive leadership even at times when it is not the easiest. Besides, she’s known for her perfectionism, so if things take longer, there’s a reason.

Adam Čardáš

Business Development & Client Service

After studying international business, Adam anchored in the retail sector. Subsequently, he gained experience in international business institutions as a project manager. He is characterized by his business acumen, a continuous sense of improvement and a relentless need to keep things moving. Adam feels most comfortable when he has answers to all his questions, at which he can be quite insistent. He also enjoys an iced coffee on his desk :).


Art Director & Brand Designer

With a 10+ year experience in the field, Keisi ‘s role in the studio is distinguished by her bold and colorful approach in visual communication, lending a sophisticated tone both on digital and print and always looking for an aesthetic way to make things more attractive. After graduating from her MA in Graphic Design in Budapest, she specialised in brands and their identity, product design and illustrations, with a deep understanding of design as a social transformation tool, ethics and sustainable design.


Mid Graphic Designer

Patrik has been professionally engaged in graphic design since 2016. At Barney Studio, he is responsible for the visual communication of brands, designer of websites as well as key visuals for campaigns while creatively connecting ideas into visual form. He has cooperation and experience with clients such as Národná banka Slovenska, Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa, Kofola, Google, Rádio Expres, Penta Real Estate, Hurricane Factory, ZľavaDňa, IKAR, WWF and many more. He has 4-years of experience as an Art Director.

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Artem Chibirev

Graphic Designer

Artem has been professionally engaged in design for more than 7 years. Experienced in web design, printing and branding. In the past, he has held positions as an art director and team leader for various marketing agencies. At Barney Studio, his skills are appreciated under Senior Designer role. In addition to design, he is interested in marketing, which helps him approach projects more deeply. He believes that design should be not only beautiful, but also functional.


Online Advertising Specialist

Iva studied Media and Mass Communication at a foreign university in Prague, but besides academic goals, she pursued marketing career since her Bachelor studies in the technical as well as creative field, in both startups and corporates. She is keen on numbers, analyses, and innovative tools, always trying to make the most of available resources to bring customers the best advertising experience efficiently and creatively.


Copywriter & Ideamaker

Branislav is living in the world of words: dragging and dropping them to the right place at the right time. This is what creative copywriter does.

Filip Petrík

Filip Petrík

Back Office & Production Manager

Filip is at the forefront of production tasks at Barney. He also leads communication with various influencers, as he is deeply rooted in the media industry of Slovak and Czech hip hop.

Matej Pakán

Front-end Developer

All in all, Matej is the programmer you want on your side when you need a website that’s both functional and appealing, to get the most out of it, he also specializes in SEO to help your website climb the ranks of search engine.

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Internship trainee

Recently graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alicante in Spain, Guillermo is taking his first steps in the world of marketing and communication. Creativity and innovation have always been within him, and his commitment and dedication help the team day by day. His comfort zone is in the search for challenges, which allows him to grow and learn while nurturing experiences around the world.