Brand DNA

Together with you, we will define your brand’s DNA that’s sure to catch the hearts of your customers. To give you a little more in-depth look, this is what the process looks like.

What is the process like?

01. Discovery and Research

We deeply explore your brand, its values, mission, and target audience. Thorough research uncovers industry insights, competitors, and trends.

02. Define Brand Essence

Identifying and defining your brand’s core attributes, values, and personality traits that make it unique and resonate with the audience.

03. Brand Storytelling

Developing a compelling brand narrative that communicates your brand’s story, purpose, and value proposition, fostering an emotional connection.

04. Brand Personality & Voice

We establish your brand’s personality, tone of voice, and communication style, ensuring consistency and relatability across touchpoints.

05. Visual Identity Expression

If applicable, we translate your Brand DNA into a visually captivating identity with a logo, colors, typography, and visual elements that align with your essence.

06. Brand Experience Design

Crafting a holistic brand experience, considering all touchpoints, from your website to packaging, ensuring consistency and memorable interactions.

07. Brand Guidelines

Creating comprehensive guidelines for consistent brand expression, covering visual elements, tone of voice, and brand values.

08. Brand Evolution & Adaptation

Continuously monitoring brand performance, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to keep your brand aligned with its DNA.

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At Barney Studio, we specialize in crafting powerful Brand DNA that captures your brand’s essence and resonates with the audience. Our strategic approach ensures effective communication and lasting connections with your customers.

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