At Barney, we are committed to making people love great brands. Through well-thought actions and activities, we define the brand’s DNA and continue cultivating it, thus earning you more money and getting more fans on the way.

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Whether you have only started thinking about a new product or service and you need a new brand, or you want to revive a long-running company, we are sure we can help. We work by following our own special framework to help define what your brand truly is. Our flagship product owner’s approach is something that distinguishes us greatly and helps us distil your WHY. This also helps us to better connect marketing and sales – and we truly do understand this connection.

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We are very good at time management. Keeping up with the schedule is important for you and for us as well. Our project & time management skills aim to save you every minute possible.


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We are more about sustainable quality rather than being Speedy Gonzales. We are fast & effective, but always stay true to our 5-point quality control.

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We value your time. We never take more work than we can fulfill, therefore we are always on time meeting deadlines we set in the beginning.

We will be happy to become acquaintances or friends with you. Agencies and brand builders need to be kept close to your company in order to create value.

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the process

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To let us understand you, your needs, and your brand, please fill out this short questionnaire. It won’t take you more than 5 mins. Pinky promise. When working with a client, we often buy their product/service, which means less work for the brand’s team and more involvement from us, leading to a better understanding of what you do.



Together with you we define your ultimate goal. Then we split it into multiple smaller tasks, thus creating a timeline on the go.



We start working on your brand, whether it's a new or existing one. Our team will propose specific activities or tasks that aim to successfully accomplish or even surpass your goals. At this point we also propose a communication and marketing strategy.



The activities or tasks are a mix of various communication and creative solutions, like creating a new brand's name, visual identity, online and offline creative concepts, defining communication channels, PPC advertising, PR activities and much more. Basically everything that is needed to be successful.



After the initial work, you are usually asked what you would like to do: Do you want to proceed to execution with us for a longer period of time or do you want to continue working on your brand with your own team or another agency?



If you choose us, we continue executing on what we have proposed and built so far. We work firmly and closely with you, becoming your partner.

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our materials

To let us understand you, your needs and your brand, please fill in this short questionnaire. It won’t take you more than 5 mins. Pinky promise.