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Brand Audit

The Brand Audit service is here for you if you don't need continuous agency support and only need to analyze what and how you are currently doing. Brand Audit is a one-time service that helps you understand how you work with your brand now and will also come with a bunch of recommendations on how to manage your branding and communications effort more effectively.

This is what the Brand Audit looks like:

01. Initial meeting and understanding the brand

We will meet with you (online or in person) and ask questions. We'll understand your brand, goals and ambitions. We'll simply immerse ourselves in the world of your project, giving us insight and a picture.

02. Analysis of the current state

The meeting is followed by an analysis phase. During this we will thoroughly review all your materials, communications, the quality of your visual identity workmanship, and the activities you are engaged in as part of your brand. We won't leave out social media, the way you handle textual and visual outputs and everything else.

03. Recording the current status

In this step, we start putting all the facts we come up with during step 2 into an output in the form of a presentation. This is mostly around 15 - 30 slides in size.

04. Suggestions for improvement

In step 4 we proceed to write down suggestions for improvement. Within this section we come up with specific recommendations on what you should do differently to do more well. Which elements of your brand should be significantly improved or redesigned.

05. Second meeting

Once the previous steps have been completed, we'll look at our findings together and present the full output to you - again, it's up to you, either through an online meeting or in person. We'll talk and you'll get a completely different perspective.

06. Handing over the documentation and incorporating the findings and recommendations

At this point, the findings and recommendations can be incorporated into the communication or branding of your company or project. This phase can be carried out with the help of your in-house team, another agency or, of course, with us.

A brand audit is a great opportunity for any business to get an outside perspective on their communications, branding and marketing activities. With Brand Audit, you'll understand what you're doing well, what you're doing worse and, most importantly, how you can improve. As a result, you'll make more money, become better known and be more visible in your field. 

The Brand Audit is a one-off service, after which you can incorporate the recommendations on your own. This way you don't have to pay the agency for ongoing care, just have the guideline.

Brand Audit