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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the first step to brand success. What your brand looks like is usually the very first thing your customer sees. Therefore, it must not only be pretty, but also functional and effective. At Barney Studio, we are experts in brand identity, which many nickname visual identity and of which the company logo is a solid part. Branding will be consistent and it will become the gateway to your business for every customer.

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Brand Identity Showcase

Take a look at what the process of creating a brand identity, or visual brand identity, looks like. Whether it's branding or rebranding, the branding process remains similar.

01. Introduction to the brand (briefing)

We will talk to you and find out what your values are, what are the pillars of your brand, what are your goals, who are your customers, competitors and so on. We will also conduct a separate survey to find out various other parameters. At this point, we also address whether it is branding or rebranding, or if you possibly need help with creating a company name/project as well.

02. Survey and analysis

We thoroughly analyze the environment in which your brand operates. We also select the main competitors from our perspective, get to know the target groups in detail, the segment as a whole, and process a lot of data. Thanks to this, we will have a perfect overview of what is happening in your specific market.

03. Creating a brand design concept

Depending on our initial agreement, we will develop 1-3 basic visual brand concepts for you. These will come from the initial briefing and also from our research. We will concentrate on making the concepts different from those of your competitors and making sure that you appeal to your target audience as much as possible. We will define colors, shapes, and other basic information. This will give you a valuable edge over your competitors.

04. Logo and visual identity design

This step is a direct outgrowth of the previous step, and focuses on creating a memorable visual identity that builds on the concepts from step three. Our work includes the creation of the logo and visual identity itself. This includes creating the graphic elements that will be used with the brand, the logotype, the logo element and other elements. Of course, uniqueness in every part of the creation is a must.

05. Creating adaptations

The modern brand is used in a myriad of placements. We will therefore create for you various adaptations of its use and the materials that result from the brand identity. This includes, for example, letterheads, business cards or social media. We don't forget that a modern brand cannot be influenced by design manuals, so we keep in mind its evolution over time.

06. Branding or rebranding is successful

The new brand is out in the world and you can enjoy using it and working with it. At this point, you can introduce it to the whole world and to specific clients or business partners. We are also happy to help with a campaign dedicated to rebranding or branding and will take care of creating various other graphic promotional materials.

Leave the branding or rebranding process to us at Barney Studio. With our time-honed process, you'll be among the brands that care about what their identity looks like so your brand can shine.

Choose from three brand identity service packages. Once you have chosen one, we will prepare a quote for you.


Bundle 01

Logo Design – 1 Proposal

Color Palette

Defining Typography

Brand Guidelines

Business Card Design


Bundle 02

Logo Design – 2 Proposals

Color Palette

Defining Typography

Brand Guidelines

Business Card Design

Stationary Design

Social Media Basic Assets


Bundle 03

Logo Design – 2 or 3 Proposals

Brand Strategy

Color Palette

Defining Typography

Brand Guidelines

Stationary Design

Social Media Assets

Website Design

Marketing Collateral