When you come to Barney, you are in good hands. We have tended to and still take care of companies such as Red Bull global, Novartis or Billa. This is just to underline that collaboration with us truly works

Our meeting (briefing)

Depending on your preference, you can initially reach us over the phone or by submitting a short form. The majority of our clients prefer to meet in their offices. We will be happy to come, or welcome you at our venue in Ruzinov, where parking is usually pretty good. We will listen to the task at hand and will together reach a conclusion, whether we will proceed to kick the project off together.

Duration: 1-2 hours

The initial presentation (discovery)

We will come to you with prepared collaboration offers. They will contain basic information about the status quo and visions for the future. A short competition overview will also be included. In some cases, raw ideas will be suggested. A clear collaboration timeline and suggested solutions are also a part of the presentation. The suggested solutions can then be elaborated upon and executed. Other important elements are the quotation and additional questions and points that we would approach together. 

You will also see the people from our team that will tend to your project and after initial go-ahead, we will prepare the specifications of what needs to be delivered. Then we proceed to sign the purchase order or an agreement, which also encompass the licenses for use.

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Getting down to business (execution)

Based on the assignment and information we received from you we are now ready to get to work. Depending on the project nature and scope, we are able to provide the outputs either one by one or the whole package at once (we generally prefer the one-by-one delivery). The output would be in a presentation form, which usually contains the following:

  • Strategy,
  • Detail analysis of competition and their activity evaluation,
  • Representative investigation with different sample sizes,
  • Specific solutions (creative concepts, mockups, ideas and suggestions),
  • Visual demonstrations, key visuals (campaigns),
  • Adaptations to various sizes and placements,
  • Demonstration of texts and specific articles,
  • Other outputs based on the assignment.

We will set up a presentation and guide you through the whole package.

Duration: 2 – 4 weeks (depending on the client’s needs and the complexity level of the outputs)

The work continues

We start working on the final products based on the client’s feedback. We usually proceed in an agile manner and throughout the whole collaboration we generally communicate with one person on the client’s side. This ensures effectiveness, clear overview and control. We regularly inform our clients about the current assignment state, while continuously delivering individual outputs. It guarantees that we stay on the same page and there will be no surprises at the end.

Duration: 1 – 2 weeks

Finish line

After the project has been compiled along with the client’s feedback, we move to delivery. We prepare all sources and outputs based on the requirements, which entails not only source files and data, but also various materials and IT solutions. Once everything has gone according to plans and expectations, and the project has been received by the client within the set scope, we proceed to invoicing phase.

Duration: 3 to 5 days

The life AFTER

Depending on the extent of the collaboration (recurring or single action) we either continue working on your following assignments or we keep in contact in case future collaboration possibilities arise. Connecting wits and connecting during different projects or continuing the existing ones is always a pleasure for us.  

And don’t forget: You can always reach out to us with any type of question.

Duration: Ideally forever. ❤️