Internal communication

Internal communication is an important element in every larger (and at times even in a smaller) company. Generally, the focus is more on the external communication. We believe, that being able to effectively communicate with your own colleagues is the future. Internal communication differs from the external one in a few elements. It has the ability to increase employee loyalty, make you stand out from the competition and lure in greater talents.

Creativity and honesty are important

Internal communication should be derived from the company’s basic principles to be authentic. Creative side is also vital – to present the facts and information in an interesting way. And that’s where we come in. Apart from drafting the methods of internal communication and their creative concept, we also handle the execution – visually, strategically, and textually.

First step is to talk to you and analyze the status quo. We find out what you need to communicate with your colleagues. And then we dive into work. We would still need a contact person on the inside of the company, who can provide us with answers to questions that may arise.


SHP Group, the largest manufacturer of hygiene products in Slovakia is out biggest client when it comes to internal communication management. We also take care of their LinkedIn and Profesia pages, and of the communication elements inside the company. We are also in the process of preparing an internal environmental campaigns (focusing on preserving the environment) for the largest development company – Doprastav.