Advertising campaign

We are a design studio with passion for creative concepts and communication that (also) does advertising and social media communication. Even though we do not focus on social media management, we always incorporate them with the purpose to drive the success home. We don’t do seemingly good looking and big-headed solutions that cost too much and don’t reach the desired goals.

We come up with proposals that are often very easy to execute and capture new and potential customers or enhance the relationship with existing audience.

We are young and fierce. We don’t have any fear. That is why we approach things differently than others. We look at projects from the millennials’ perspective, so we are not afraid to bring new ideas and customs into segments that haven’t seen them before. However, we stay conservative if needed. Our focus is to ensure the greatest results and client satisfaction. Our campaigns target either customers (B2C and B2B) or employees (campaign Employer branding).


We have created the creative concept of a Christmas campaign and executed it in full for the insurance company Groupama. For the developer Lucron, we crafted campaigns for the retail segment of the Urban Residence project. We managed social networks and campaigns on social media for BILLA Slovakia and took care of the majority of creative side as well. Similarly, we handled complex campaigns for the largest Peugeot dealer in Slovakia, France-Tech.

Within the campaign and social media segment we have also worked with Heineken, where we promoted the following four beer brands: Bradac, Lagunitas, Affligem and Mort Subite.