Name, claim, texts

Name, slogan, web, marketing materials and other outputs should reflect the soul of your brand. They should also be perfectly bound to the company’s visuality. It’s important to define specific means of communication, and influence the environment with a strong message.

Well thought out name can ride with you for years or decades, which is why it is vital to put adequate time and energy into it. The same goes for claims – they have the ability to encompass what you do in a few words and sometimes in one word. Also tone of voice needs to fit your brand. It should capture your essence and be consistent in all outputs.

Sometimes it is required only to propose a name for a project, service, product or company and quite often it is a new company. We will take you through the process and we will ask a lot of questions – in person, by phone or in a questionnaire – whatever suits you best. We will then come up with a few naming variants, which also have the available .sk or .com domain (or other, depending on your needs). We will also take care of trademark registration.

As for texts, we will help with any requests

Our clients often need new texts for brochures or websites, or an update of the existing ones – simply put, everything that requires ideas and powerful messaging, including campaign headlines and names of whole creative concepts. We also provide services regarding social networks, where the written word is equally as important.

Our TEXT clients

We have created the name of an innovative dating platform operating from Slovakia – Souly. We regularly write blogs for Bory Mall in Bratislava, we create headlines and texts for the largest car dealer in Slovakia – Peugeot, and the Barney team also came up with the tone of voice for vaccination initiative #zaockujemsa.