Without a set strategy, the chances for a successful project decrease. This is the reason why the strategy comes first at Barney before working on larger projects. We understand that only having nice outputs does not make a company successful. This is determined mainly by a well thought out plan and its implementation when creating outputs.

We also know that the strategy should not be set based on data only, but also on emotions and brand understanding. Customers do not make decisions solely based on numbers.

We try to grasp the projects conceptually – not focusing on just one brand or campaign element.

What does the strategy creation look like?

Strategy preparation is usually quite challenging. It requires at least one meeting and answers to multiple questions. We can get them from you as well as from empirical evidence and experiences. We search the encyclopedias, physical and electronic documents and sometimes the sources in libraries. But in the end of the day, the most important thing is, where you are and what is the direction you want to go with your project.

Note: And then we dive into work.

Strategy does not always require hours of work. If you have an ad hoc project that needs quick and agile thinking, we are here for you. Strategy does not require 80 pages, sometimes a quick page drafted together is more than enough.

Our STRATEGY clients

Different clients have already appreciated a strategy we created for them. We started off with a collaboration with Red Bull global. This ensured the successful process of their project – an internal onboarding app. We also engage in organizing online events, which we love. This is why we proposed a creative strategy for a large week-long Novartis event we helped organize. Strategy also precluded the big CSR program of legendary Slovak brand Niké.

Successful start of social networks communication meant strategy creation for one of the largest facility services in Slovakia – Verve, and also for the international start up PX Energy, which received financial investments from USA and focuses on redistributing energy.