Design and visual identity

We love working on things that are wonderful, effective, and useful at the same time. This is why the visual identities we create are based on empirical experiences and research. Everything is infused with our curiosity, love for the visual and the need to do things differently.

We view visual identity creation in a conceptual manner to make sure it fits with your values and other marketing elements. Together we are creating a brand that is going to become liked and successful. When creating the identity and logo, we work with you in a tight loop. There are a few factors that come into visual identity – apart from the segment, we look at specific markets, where the brand would operate, on what pillars do the leaders and innovators stand etc.

We work on what you truly need

There are no set output types that go into the design manual. One company may need business cards and letterheads, another may need car branding. We will gladly give recommendations on what types of materials should you need. You will receive the outputs in print data or Adobe source files. The finalized products will be kept at your server or in our Dropbox.


A Slovak-American VR startup Akular is among those we created a logo, identity and a website for. We also successfully redesigned the legendary Umami restaurant located in Bratislava. For another Slovak-American startup PX Energy we prepared the complete visual identity for global implementation.


For the international investment group Civitta we have created the identity for their legendary startup accelerator. Our team also equipped the GoPall brand, which brings innovative solution for pallet collection in Europe, with logo ale other communication elements.