Web and apps

Almost every new brand or project requires a new website. And those that have been around for a while might need to refresh their existing ones. In any case, we are at your service for either option. The same goes for mobile apps and digital platforms.

Your digital presence in the form of a website is important

How you present yourself in the online environment matters. We will happily provide advice on what to do in the digital world – whether to just redesign your existing website or create a new one from scratch. We can also focus on a specific element such as UX audit. We always begin with status quo analysis and then come up with the right solution for your online presence.

Technological solution proposal is included with a full-service approach. Depending on the type of web you need, we either work with the readily available solutions or create closed custom ones.

What does a website creation look like?

  • First, we look at front-end. We begin with the analysis of environment, status quo, target groups, textual concept of desired content (which we can also create) and subpages, while not omitting technological specifications,
  • Then we move on to the UX analysis/audit and based on that we propose the placement of individual elements, that then undergoes an approval in the form of interactive mockups,
  • The next step is the design process based on approved elements,
  • Once the design stage is complete, we proceed to development, which means we get the website technologically ready,
  • We tweak everything to make sure you are 100% happy with the result,
  • Final product is handed in and is up to you whether you’d like us to continue taking care of it or you can transfer it to someone else.


Average web development duration: 6 to 12 weeks

Average web design duration: 4 to 8 weeks

Applications need love and experience

If you decide that you need an application, we will first address what you wish to reach with it. Defining the target audience and gathering other important information is vital. We should bear in mind, that app development is challenging and takes time. We provide complex services from the beginning of the process up to distribution using advertising campaign.

What does application creation look like?

  • First, we need to define the application’s structure, desired functions and features, the goal, target audience and other elements, using technological specifications
  • We then go on to UX analysis and based on that, we propose the placements o buttons, texts and visuals,
  • Based on approved specifications, we proceed into the designing phase, and create the individual app screens,
  • After finalizing the designs, we move onto the app back-end development, where it receives all the functions and features,
  • App is then tweaked to make sure you are 100% happy with it,
  • We take care of placing it into the App Store or Google Play Store,
  • Final product is handed in and is up to you whether you’d like us to continue taking care of it or transfer it to someone else.

Average app development duration: 22 to 56 weeks

Average app design duration: 4 to 8 weeks

Our WEB and APPLICATION clients

We designed the global app and website for ZouYoo project. For ZSSK we created the digital environment of kiosks that sell tickets in the Tatras. We also equipped the best Slovak accelerator Civitta – Challenger (and other clients) with a website.