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we couldn’t be more passionate. Taking care of others is something that lies deep down at our hearts. During our existence, we successfully came up with, created and executed multiple CSR activities related to various topics. Among them are sustainability, covid-19 vaccination, LGBTQI+ parents support and work well-being.

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One thing is that we will continue to strive to achieve, is to create projects that generate real value and support causes that need to be seen.

The second thing is, that we can fully create CSR projects, tailored to the needs and will of your company, including the name, visual identity, proposed activities, website, CSR DNA and other details. We will prepare everything, so you do not need to hire a special CSR marketing person or think about promotion of such projects.

One of our biggest CSR activities, project, and campaign #ZaockujemSa, has been the first COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Slovakia, surpassing even the official government campaign. We helped creating a safe place for everyone, boosting their engagement in vaccination endeavors, resulting in more percentage of vaccinated people.

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