Orechini is more than a brand of organic walnuts grown in Slovakia. We created the brand from scratch, including the creation of its name, visual identity, packaging, website and everything that’s needed for a successful communication. Orechini represents Mr. Orechini, a farmer that’s taking care growing the produce.

The task was to create a memorable brand that’s going to be easily pronounceable in most languages, thus creating a catchy and fresh new brand of walnuts and olive oils coming straight from Greece and other products the owners call “more than organic”.

Orechini is a brand co-founded by Peter Zalesak, the owner of NAY Elektrodom, the biggest retailer of commercial electronics in Slovakia.
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ORECHINI Website mockup
ORECHINI Website mockup 1
ORECHINI Website mockup 2
ORECHINI Website mockup 3
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